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Training Nonviolent resistance: Basic

Curriculum with

Dr. Irit Schorr-Sapir, Tal Fisher & Dr. Philip Streit

Nonviolent resistance is becoming more and more popular. In the meantime, it’s used and implemented in schools, municipalities, socio-pedagogical and socio-therapeutic institutions, educational institutions and corporations. Parents, educators and teachers everywhere adapt this pedagogical style and have a lot of success with it! Schools, for example, register a drastic decline in cases of skipping school on a regular basis, mobbing and other dysfunctional behaviour. The concept of nonviolent resistance, which was originally described by Haim Omer, is among other things, based on the social-political ideas and practice of the nonviolent resistance of Mahatma Ghandi. Originally it was intended to be used by families in which the conflict between parents and their kids with behavioural problems escalates and the parental presence is lost. During the development of the concept it was more and more clear that this would rather be a systemic concept, used not only by the core family.

BASIC Irit Schorr-Sapir and Tal Fisher will together with Philip hold a five day long basic course with all the latest developments. After the course you will receive a certificate of the NVR School and the Akadamie für Kind,Jugend und Familie that enables you to use NVR on a daily basis and in your job.

Following topics will be discussed in theory and practice

• general introduction of the model and the concept of anchor function

• presence and vigilant care

• de-escalation

• support

• nonviolent resistance


PRICE: (incl. VAT.)
Basic € 900,–
deferred payment possible
IPPM (Institution of Positive Psychology and
Walter-Goldschmidt-Gasse 25, 8042 Graz
+43 699 160 300 50
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allowable as subject-specific qualification
from 9 a.m. to  4:30 p.m.



irit sapir Dr. Irit Schorr-Sapir clinical psychologist, principal and co-founder (together with Haim Omer) of the “NVR School”, director of the ADHD-NVR clinic “Schneider Children’s Medical Centre of Israel”, has been a close colleague over the last 15 years of Haim Omer, developed the NVR with him, published some NVR treatment models for pupils that skip school regularly and ADHD children, she is senior supervisor and trainer for the use of NVR and Na in Israel and Europe, she is a postgraduate at the university of Tel Aviv.
Tal Fisher Tal Fisher psychologist, M.A. certificate for clinical psychology at the university of Tel Aviv, certified host, his thesis was about “routine vigilant care (RVC)” an was used for a chapter in Haim Omer’s new book, he used to teach in the “Schneider Children’s Medical Centre” at the moment he’s working in the field of student counselling at the Technion and also works for the educational-psychological service in Tel Aviv.
Dr. Philip Streit clinical and health psychologist, psychotherapist, CEO of the institute and academy for children, youth and family, co-founder of the institute of positive psychology and mental coaching, coordinator for Seligman Europe, member of the IPPA Board of directors, member Founders Group NVR, training NVR with Haim Omer, gives lectures on NVR since 2011, various publications.
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